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KRBC NEWS Archives for 2018-10

Guide: Halloween activities across the Big Country

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - The Halloween season is here and it's time to get out and take part in the festivities!

Boo at the Zoo
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 10a-5p
$5 day of or $4.50 advance
Abilene Zoo // 2070 Zoo Lane


Safety City Halloween Party
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 4-6p
Free admission
Safety City // 2601 S. 7th St. 


Bark in Our Park 
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 10a-1p
Free admission
Taylor-Jones Humane Society // 2301 N. 3rd St.


Halloween Heavy Hollows  
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 7pm-11p
$10  Donations to help flood victims
Live Music! Homer's Music Venue 4201 N1st. 


Trucks & Treats at the Food Park
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 5-9p
Food Park // 1089 S. 1st St. 


2018 Fall Festival 
Saturday, Oct. 27  - 6-9p
Free admission
GV Daniels Recreation Center // 541 N. 8th St.


Dia de los Muertos 
Featuring Abilene Philharmonic and Ballet Folkorico del Big Country
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 7:30p
Click here for tickets.
Abilene Convention Center // 1100 N. 6th St. 


Pumpkin Ball
Saturday, Oct. 27 - 4-11p
$10 admission
Play Faire Park // 2300 N. 2nd St. 


Tuesday, Oct. 30  - 6-8p
Free admission
Mall of Abilene // 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd.


Fall Festival
Wednesday, Oct. 31 - 6-8p
Free Admission
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center // 1674 Pine St.

Early voting has started across Texas

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Early voting is now underway across Texas and the Big Country. 

READ MORE: The do's and don'ts of early voting

Voters across Texas can vote on the races for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, U.S. Senator and more. Locally, voters in Abilene can vote on the races for U.S. Representative, State Representative, Abilene ISD school bond, Cisco College Maintenance Fee and more. Brownwood voters are also voting for the next County Judge. 

Early voting locations in Taylor County



Click here for more early polling places across Texas and the Big Country. 

Elm Creek stabilizes in Abilene; Flood risk lowered

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Elm Creek through Abilene has stabilized, according to the City of Abilene's Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Bryan. 

In fact, he said the creek has slightly decreased in elevation since Thursday night. 

Although the creek has stabilized, Taylor County issued a Disaster Declaration. Signed by County Judge Downing Bolls, the declaration is necessary to allow Abilene to receive state and federal funds for flooding damage.

There was a possibility of the Elm Creek over flowing and flooding businesses along N. 6th, between Westwood Drive and Willis Street. This, after Lake Abilene, near the Abilene State Park in South Taylor County, was in danger of flowing over the spill way more.

Bryan said they have pictures of the lake Friday morning just trickling over the spillway, but the city continues to monitor the creek.

As of Friday morning, ta least 740 sand bags had been distributed to residents. They remain available to be picked up until 6:30 p.m., at Global Samaritan Resources at 2074 North 1st Street.

Two people in Texas sick from drug-resistent salmonella

TAMPA, Florida (WFLA) — An outbreak of drug-resistant salmonella linked to raw chicken has impacted several states, including making two people in Texas sick.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it's investigating a total of 92 cases in 29 states. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service is also monitoring the outbreak.

An investigation notice from the CDC says evidence indicates many types of raw chicken products from different sources are contaminated and making people sick. They have not identified a single common supplier.

During interviews, people who have gotten sick reported eating different types and brands of chicken products. Investigators have also identified the outbreak strain in samples taken from raw chicken pet food, raw chicken products and live chickens.

Testing done by the CDC shows the outbreak strain is resistant to multiple antibiotics. The CDC believes this outbreak might be widespread in the chicken industry.

There is no indication of where the confirmed cases are in Texas. The other states impacted by the outbreak are Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

The CDC is urging consumers to handle raw chicken carefully and cook it thoroughly. 

"This outbreak is a reminder that raw chicken can have germs that spread around food preparation areas and make you sick," the notice said. 

The agency did clarify that "(the) CDC is not advising that consumers avoid eating properly cooked chicken, or that retailers stop selling raw chicken products."

Symptoms of salmonella include diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps. 

You can learn more about the outbreak on the CDC website. 


If you’re looking to find the scariest haunted house in Texas then you’re in the right place and don't have to go far! We dare you to try any of the following top haunted houses in The Lone Star State.

We don’t just list the most haunted places in Texas on Haunted Rooms, we’re loving some of the haunted houses Texas has to offer too! That’s the haunted attractions and trails designed to give you a fright around Halloween!


Do you have what it takes to walk through the very creepiest attractions and haunted houses in Texas?


The Lone Star State has everything and then some. So,since its spooky season, why not check out the creepiest haunted house attractions this side of the Mississippi. Texas is so big it has dozens of spine-tingling adventures just waiting for you. Here is our rundown of the top 10 haunted attractions and haunted houses in Texas!



If ever there was a place that holds terrifying secrets within its walls, Kingwood Asylum is it.

It’s not just the asylum that is tainted either, it’s the woods all around and the very earth beneath your feet. There has been no one there for decades and for good reason; the unfortunate souls who were treated by Dr. Phillip Blackman and his staff still walk the halls and the grounds.

With stories of their own to tell.

The Indoor Asylum will scare whatever creep you have left in you. Don’t let that be all you see.

The Wood Trail will have you screaming for home as demonic and evil forces will jump out at you just when you think all is safe.

Whatever you’re thinking, you’ll be wrong. The Kingwood Asylum will leave you guessing and have you remembering gruesome things for a long time to come.


In Longview you’ll stumble upon the longest running haunted houses in East Texas. Doc Wilkes House of Horrors won’t let you go without a fight.

After all, every neighborhood has that one house which no one goes near, and for good reason. This place is different from the rest and you can explore its evil depths right up until the witching hour at midnight.

Based on real events, bring your friends, because you’ll need someone to hold onto as you make your way through this maze of horror.

Discover the secrets that are found only in its walls and rooms. Doc Wilkes has a long history of making people shiver for their lives. Don’t miss out!


This place was once home to German POWs during World War II. The Texas Terror Trail may not be a haunted house, but it is one scary and terrifying experience that won’t let you go.

Dark and mysterious forces were unleashed in this place many decades ago and the screams of the poor soldiers can be heard as you make your way through the trails towards the haunted house.

Dare to walk the Terror Trail alone or with a group and discover which creatures are just waiting for you behind every tree and dark shadow. No use running, as they are all around you!


Here you’ll find 20 acres and 18 buildings that will get you all mixed up and one haunted house more terrifying than the next. Just four miles down the road from the location of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the site in Smithville…

Don’t get too close to Adella, the wicked woman who runs the orphanage. Little children tend to disappear if they get near her. In the Mansion of Terror, her former home, you’ll encounter demonic forces that will have you running for your life.

Zombies await you in the factory, and they haven’t eaten in awhile. You’ll have work to do in order to keep out of their clutches, and at the two-story Slaughterhouse (a massive building new for the 2018 season), it’s a life or death battle between circus clowns and horrible cannibals who all want to feast on you! Scream at Scream Hollow – who will hear you!?


Just missing out on the number one spot as the scariest haunted house in Texas! If you think you’ve seen it all where haunted houses are concerned, you’ll find a whole new level of terror awaiting you at the Houston Terror Dome – the scariest haunted house in Houston!

This attraction will scare you worse than any Hollywood movie, and you won’t have a clue as to what’s real and what’s fake.

Demonic creatures, flesh-eating zombies, and bloody spirits are all waiting within. With new rooms, new effects, and new characters added every year, it won’t be like the last time.

It will be worse.

Run for your life at the Terror Dome because your life depends on it. Just don’t get lost inside. You may never find your way out again.


Do you love witches? If you do, run don’t walk to the Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano. Known as Coven Manor, this attraction is home to all the evil witches you could ever conjure up in one spell.

Because they want to reign over everyone, they hold a ‘dark hour’ – a ritual to gain control over everything unholy.

Try to find a place to hide; there’s nowhere, as you run from the cemetery in front of the house to the greenhouses out back where witches are concocting their famous potions. You better be brave or you’ll be next!

The Dark Hour Haunted House is one of the best year-round haunted houses, open every month except January. Come, if you dare!


Haunted houses are scary, then there are haunted houses that scare the life out of you. The Cutting Edge haunted house in Fort Worth, Texas, will do just that! It is located in a former meat-packing plant where horrors of all kinds still walk the rooms and halls.

You know what slaughterhouses are good for; and at the Cutting Edge, the demonic people who walk within are just waiting for you.

Just when you think it’s safe to open your eyes, the horror starts all over again, as this attraction is known for its longest adrenaline rush ever.

Once you’re inside, it’s a race to get out, but you’ll have to fight your way through all of the evil entities who are determined to get you. Just be sure you have all your parts when you exit. One of if not the best haunted house in DFW!


This gruesome haunted house is in San Antonio and you should only go if you don’t care about nightmares for the rest of your life. The 13th Floor is one of the best haunted houses in San Antonio. It’s a theatrical, intense, gripping show that grabs you the minute you walk in and won’t let you go, even when you walk out.

This 107-year-old building has places you shouldn’t descend into, but you will, as you begin your journey going down into the basement. Go face to face with ghouls which will have you running for cover. Think you’ll be safe in the tunnels?

I don’t think so.

If you have nightmares about dark and creepy places where horrible phantoms and spooks are just lurking in corners, you’ll love The Void. What happens here is seldom talked about, and then you get your final thrill on the mysterious thirteenth floor of the building.

You’ll never forget it. In fact, it may haunt your dreams forever!


If you are looking for one of the most elaborate seasonal attractions in all of America, look no further than the House of Torment in Austin. Here you will find not one, but three spine-tingling attractions that will have you screaming long after it’s over. It comes #1 on our list of haunted houses in Austin!

At the Laughterhouse, you’ll be in the company of evil clowns who have taken over the slaughterhouse. Don’t be their next victim.

It only gets worse from there at Hex of the Harvest, where witches are coming to get you. Traveling through the pumpkin vines, you’ll soon find yourself at the Dead End District.

Half-insect, half-human creatures live there and they’re looking for their next meal. Be scared and run for cover or take them on.


What could get creepier? What could get scarier? Well, things at Creepy Hollow Haunted House are definitely ramped up for a whole new scare season.

Come visit the 288 Scare Factory, where research experiments have gone horribly wrong. Here is Zombie Central and you’re in the middle of the walking dead. Think it’s easy to find your way out? Think again!

Or you could begin your nightmare in the Dark Woods a dense forest located behind the Scare Factory. Chemical wastes never properly disposed of have found their way into these woods, and now everyone who goes there never comes out looking the same.

Pitch Black is a holding facility insane freaks are running amok. Between complete darkness and blinding lights, you’ll be turned around more times than you can yell “help me!”


So, there you have it; top ten scariest haunted houses in Texas just waiting for you! Be sure to check dates and months, as each attraction is different.

But the darkness that lies within and the screams you hear will be with you for a long time to come.....You’ll see. Bwhahahah


The puppeteer behind Sesame Street's Big Bird for nearly 50 years is retiring

Caroll Spinney wrapping up on Sesame Street this week


The puppeteer who has played Big Bird on Sesame Street is retiring after nearly 50 years on the show.

Caroll Spinney tells the New York Times that Thursday will be his last day on the program, which he joined from the start in 1969.

In addition to Big Bird, the 84-year-old was also Oscar the Grouch. Spinney says "I always thought, how fortunate for me that I got to play the two best Muppets?" Spinney says the physical requirements of performing the characters had become difficult and he developed problems with his balance. He stopped doing the puppeteering for Big Bird in 2015 and now only provides the voices for him and Oscar. His apprentice, Matt Vogel, will succeed him in the Big Bird role. He also plays Kermit the Frog.


What is your Favorit Memory of Big Bird? 

Cornhole For Cash at Buffalo Wild Wings

Come try your hand at CornHole for Cash. October 13th. 11am-1pm. We are only a few week away from our finals and we want you to be apart of it. So come out and win $100 for just making 3 Cornhole bag. Then you come back for our finals on OCT 27th for your chance to win $10,000. Also try the amazing Cheese Stick there yum!!!



For the Full Rules click here


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